Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Town

Robert and recently took a trip to Athens to see our dear friends Jon, Mandy, and Ernie. We went to the G-day game, played some spades (Robert is a cheater!), and had a really good time. My little cousin Ernie (or ET) is the coolest!! He was such a doll all weekend and we just can't wait to see him again. I know him and Uncle Robert will be best buds :) All kids love Robert. A few examples...My friend Brandi's son, Finn, knows Mama, Dada, Yaya (grandma), I am sure his other grandparents names, and Robba (Robert)! I do not think he knows who I am :) My sister's daughter, Anna Kate, loves me. I am sure of it. But who does she love more? Uncle Wobert! I went to my parents house Sunday to see my sweet neice and new nephew (with gifts for both might I add), and pretty much as soon as I gave her her new pink dress, she looked up at me with the most confused look, and said "Where's uncle Wobert?" I am convinced I will be my nephew Carson's favorite. He seems pretty laid back. Maybe one day we will go fishing together. Sooo back to Athens, here are some pics from our trip. Thanks Anderson clan for a fun weekend!

Mandy and Ernie (in red on red)
the boys
Jon and Ernie (*see Cali n Titos below)
me and Mandy and ET
my favorite!!
me and Robert

*Have you ever been to Cali n Titos in Athens? It's a little Latin American gem where you can sit outside, BYOB, and eat really good food. I like the empanadas and fish tacos. Pic below courtesy of I couldn't find a website...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beach Chic!

Did you know Stanley Furniture has a Coastal Living furniture collection?! There are some great pieces. A few of my faves are below. AND, I am pretty sure (if I remember correctly from my residential furniture days) Stanley is quite affordable!!