Saturday, March 26, 2011

The nursery, a local store, and a recipe...

Isn't that a good title? I don't have the time for multiple posts so here's what's going on in my world:

Robert and I are still on the hunt for a house. We want something we can renovate, and it's hard to find something in our price range we can put a lot of $$ into. I do realize that there will be a baby in our world in just a few (eeek!) months, so I have instead become focused on the baby's room. Which is much more fun!! I have a few things already I want to use.

White jenny lind baby bed (I got this at an auction for $75!)

My Dad's baby chest (needs a fresh coat of paint and knobs)
Birdcage wall hanging for pics and baby shower invite, etc.

Lamp - a gift from Robert
These last 2 items came from a local store here in Albany - Livi and Company. I have bought several things there over the years and their prices are very reasonable! It's a mix of old and new. Here are a few other things from Livi I have in my home...

As I mentioned before, Robert has been running, and he finished his second race a few weeks ago, the Gate in Jacksonville. I decided to stay home and rest (which if you know me is really big--I do not usually like to be alone, but I have to was nice!). I made a special congratulatory dinner for him that Sunday night and it was awesome!! I have never made anything by the Neely's (the show on the Food Network is a little on the annoying side...spice fairy anyone?) but this recipe looked right up Robert's alley. Here is the recipe for Short Ribs. Yum!

I followed the recipe from the website exactly, but I didn't have any red wine, so I substituted beef broth.

That's it for now...happy Spring!

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  1. I love it all...especially the living plant peeking into a couple of the pictures!! Way to go!